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November 5th 2006

“You should see the clouds. The altitude makes them still and definite. They smear and they explode, they lace and overcome. You should see the paths – worn winding and beaten, all leading to the same location. There are ten thousand ways to reach any given spot. You should see the work. How it’s done with bare hands. How cooking takes hours and is only done in bulk. How the women crouch over fires in sheds when it rains and how the men mix cement with a shovel. You should see the land. Lush and green and seductive, it’s pages of a pop-up storybook at best metaphor. The land is jungly and muddy and spiked with weeds and poisons. The slugs that crawl out from another galaxy after a heavy rain. They are fat and bloated with tenacious slime, blazing creeping colors on these roads an uncharted footstep, clinging to anything they cross with alien goo. The ants are a culture, rather than a colony. Lengths of them for days, piled on top of one another, they make their own roads with lanes and signals. The matriarchs with heads like crowns keep little workers guided on a specific line: carry, take, move, make.”

– me, writing about Arusha, Tanzania in 2006

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I Love You

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A iz 4 Acceptance

No matter to consider what it is I didn’t overstand

I Thank O High Infinite Creator

for granting I dese tea[ch]ings

nn diss bliss-full OpporTwoNity

to    {U}nity

Love; Ecstatic Thanks.


Whin U left  (boyy)

ur towel hung on my closet door:

wide open, facing the innards of my roomspace    .

a crown.

Eye’d walk it byy n catch a scent



Breathe U as I searched for clothes

pause to look for your littl hairs in my bedsheets

(those none washed for weeks aft’r).    vescent curls most perfectly formed n cut away

Gentl sheddings. Breadcrums,

trailing pleasure and dischord. Xact Match.

For all,

these littl dark crescents marked pressence. (auf share)


I filled my car with reggae.

read bout Bob.

lifted spliffs to mi lips ev’ry day

n honor yur most preferr’d way.

I holed n I studied-

traversed music spaces-

tended to tender twards downed and out.

I kept quiet and maintained self-space

wanting to sure follow example

repeating: Don’t Forget Don’t Forget Don’t Forego

maintain fore

And wond’ring: Wha’Self? How? What? Remember! Don’t Forget!

Always, dis confusion.


Isn;t it Funny how the ways we Hold on   [bind]

cause sand to slip quick

through I Fingers  ?


So much truth has passed

and become intangled with lowrr. How to Tell?

strike a bell.

feel the vibration.



sum brand

named flavoUr.





M not gonna wound anymore

be wrong anymore

be sad about being wrong anymore.

No worries about mistakes.

M gonna find n be ME,

for what that is now (eternallY).

Change for what it could be Next

Listen 2 Lessons

and Fuckall wants to terrorize that.

I am perfect the way I am

striving for more-perfectness


Fuck holding dat back:

Thank You!

Eye do it Mii God-Given Way.



Bless I

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Sphinx:        (above of Giza)

The body of a Lion. Breasts and head of a Woman. Masculine, Mercurial keeper of Secrets. Possesses wings in Greek tradition.


4 as foundational, 5 as extension.

Sophia Wisdom at the crown of a (4) regal, warrior body. Guardianship.

The importance of containment



a “sun God” is worship of the Self. Check below: solar energy binding at energetic center. Life-giving. Life Worship   !   and protection.


The problem with Western interpretation of Myth and spiritual philosophy

is an inability to think integratively. Lack of holism. We understand:

the free market works great to serve its purpose

but as long as its purpose is not to serve the benefit of All

it will Tumble.


These civi-lies-ations

when the ancients build yes,

to worship the Dead. as a hotbed of ever-living memory. A collect of stored ancient knowledge

passing evolution.

That’s true worship Life.


Publicly proclaim the beauty of death

and Loss     ,

for suffering makes Good Evolution.

n emptiness n BeTween



nothing cohesive,

just slather.

But I swear

i swear to you

our love was real.

The swinging comes

from this terrible fly

in howmany times it came questioned.


I am not ur consort

I could’ve been Queen.

ocean queen

in acceptance


and the deep waters of emotional reality


et gets derk dwn therr.

sware its like ‘nother world

complete unfamiliar


Thanks for holding my hand

and giving me the neon necessary

on this thinning membrane,

squeezing journey

(mving 2 nothing n still existing)

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Stay Woke

[Breakdown. Integration. The structure upon which to build.]

cuz 1ce u have a goal

Thank you Ancient

and boy out there this night.

(the new year starts in the deadest of winter

time is not counted from daylight,

but from midnight.)

Its a shame this ling’ring

comes from an inability

to love the beauty of hurt.

Could it be my Fault      ?

Blss ur In-formed de-Struction      .

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Thank You Alex Grey

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Bless a Flame

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Imbolc Brighid

To all my brothers and sisters in Egypt     !

STAY! STAY! My breath’s for your love and survival. Stay in the streets and the people shall overcome.

When you’re born in jail you’ve got nothing to lose.

Bless, I !

May grace kiss all the wounds

and wind them into spinning fruit.

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