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So Much Better  .

[catch gaze of my body’s your body by reflect. this physicality so close, seen the trim form. moon-sun overlapp, these funny tendencies.]

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crooked bends.

how twining limbs make like a dancer;

this art not far from torment.

outstretched hands of grace scene bii twisting bows;

the flagellation

hanging on an edge of awkward;

soup and flailing noodle.

Whip myself poison in fire ants;

the red of their backs melting prickles

stinging sensitivities and hoarding some flesh otherwise covered.

Blankets are hot and wooly

kill with fever,

they steam to fog

but I prefer them to the sharp of bitter angulation

which makes me a girl rather than woman.

(“slanty’s sad.”

“because slanty’s a woman. she’s not a girl.”)

do you know how broken eye m?

how guilt pools like stagnation, makn almonds or ulcers

but the soft equine step of burden

shall come unto me from above

and i clean it out this center.

I don’t want to be um mother on a bed in a bathrobe

her tears for the pain of loss

her loss not that of innocence

but, to meyes a timidry.

a step always too soft;     her cell.

Bees making beds of flower petals

the breathmaking soil of true romantic

(the highest fashion).

Did you ever know about my guilt?

The omni-makin possible

r nights in dark, cast by the shadow of phallus and Fear

n carried out in fist.

Or the need I ate with? Proof to show I didn’t care   (?

any case, Bless I ze hand

of slowly pushing planting

wit all da moon forces gracing neath

da help of bine fungus

Divine r the fingers

bring I n I 2 1

and the wine we drank; made sorts of wood or fruit, coursely pebbles

all such tastes branding the wind suckling laughing forms

learning how to crawl.

I fed from vines

Sunlight fed I

I fed the deep eternal feeling;

a rotten to-the corps

like never we are enough.

Those waters in-gaged I

en-gorged and filled I wit blood

.    Collect-ing


only alchemy. intention. and the best use of resources.

Senselessness Surround

how bout perfection within any circumstance


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The Light-Eye


how looking at your picture does littl 2 stir –

that man’s not been you since a moment.

I could have all the trinkets and musted brigades,

rock-falling down ovrr time

(water splashes make slime

n the geodes just sit,


4 ever bear).

But the man I interest by

the one who clears mii eye

make stake for height

n point 4 day-ze.

this wondrr is who you are

what twisting skin has done over painless pumps

what pulling forms n -rosion

making waves,


shimmering shines from top 2 botom

takes years to make salt

but what of the taste of it now   ?

as it crystals to melt

in some other sea. more vibration


the complete

in a cycle without end.

You know i’ve got more to teach

and your orchards won’t run dry.

Pests might eat up on the leaves

but at the end of the day

that juicy fruit rolls off my lips

as i sing the ludacrous

and this hidden nature comes out

gestation  2 a bulb.

Re-learning to love your tubers

and the overwhelming frank of bi.

Fingers stretch n eagle claw

I am here

feeling insignificant

you used to call it subtle

and I swear

it takes more for me to smell my own sweetness

til the vapors of your memory

the blessgs of ur try

I miss our overwhelming catastrophe

and the way they eat my time

and douse mii colours

in bright mystery

covered on the skirts

in cobwebs

laced with fragile beauty,


tear – rip –

and catching Death.

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but what’s in me

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the ghost of your flesh

wraps mi somethng great-er;

the right curve of this spinal chord

harmonizing under covers;

a window open at the bay.


you’re here when breathing nto my back body

(perfect wrists to hold; )

my own cups slithing cross the for-mations of sweet shoulders,


the kissed cavern leading to heaven

as outlned by bone

and the softest touch by feel

You make Me

bury there

for such sweet sleep.

for     ever,



but real,

your flesh patterns in the dark

and mists in the day

I’m on the porch, the sun pressing on my face and

stirring empty air at my side

it’s your hands flicking guitar

its the fall of your hair from your skull

it’s the sweet smell of smoke

drifting in furls exactly like mysteries

glowing, almost insid-e    out

your lips carriers, like a box,

like a chest of ribbon and gem

opend to rel-ease    preciousness upon me

winding round


in spiral.



truth is ,  its shadow


there’s a ball in my back

and when my shoulder gets caress

the sacrum spasms.

my kidneys do not care

because their flow’s-un.

their work don’t get done

for fear

cause the tears which must be welling there

could drown i during sleep

or crumble any wall   –     (dont we need some kinda structure??:: desperate call)


wanna open the gate

want eye mists 2 diss-ipate

n masts 2 crash

4 favor ebb n flow.


could you for-give my

mistaken dismemberment  .

can i



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The strength of softness


nto the only power we need    (Layer pon Layer uf Love

and refinement

makes this spirit;

this gentle web of totality


– drawing

making waves –

nd the pureness of such strength

measured only

by truth

because it cannot be equated nor compared

I wonder what your love for me was like

and if mine is good enough to match it

in quiet soup;

good n full uv ingredient


looks like waves from the heat of the ground

baking under so much sun

but its pattern is weblike

and liquid in growth.

I see these things

wish I could see your face

the greatest of all are secret

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Have mercy on a good man and help him we pray, Jah man

Have mercy on a good girl and help her we pray, Jah man

Man was made to suffer

and Women were made to feel the pain

Stand by our side and guide us we pray, Jah man

Give us all your blessing and help us we pray, Jah man

Time is running out but we need no one to cry nor shout

Change them who’s gone astray and show them the way, Jah man

Make this an everlasting example we pray, Jah man

Man was made to suffer

and Women was made to feel the pain.

Have mercy

– Mighty Diamonds

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“..The beloved is partly of the human world, partly of the animal kingdom, and things are not quite what they seem. In love the god becomes human, the wild one is tamed, the fierce one is the most gentle, the ugly one carries true beauty..

Travel beyond all the disguises and masks to risk the Nobility of True Beauty..

There is a sadness in deep love, a sadness at the center of joy because love, like birth and death, breaks open the heart, breaks open the dream of beauty to reveal some other beauty,

bigger and wilder and more precious than we knew. These love stories are not about ‘love at first sight’ or ‘happily ever after.’ They are layered tales of grief and patience, courage, strength, and transformation.”

– J. Ruth Gendler

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The Night

hugs a person,

way the Water a Whale.


The Wind

kisses the Waters

and 2gether they Dent the Earth.


Our Sun laughs upon it


and the music of that Voice

makes Perfection of Pattern:





And simple submission makes it possible.



My friend Jerry says

time is quicker as we’re older

Because fills-I with Memories.


My greatest wish is to meet mine own destruction

in the arms of my Lover.

Not by their hand. By nature.

and in the fullest comfort of Health –

Weathering even a blinking, sowing Storm relaxed;

my grip tight to the body

of One who feels it’s safe

because its I.


Thank you,

my Protector.

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