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The art lessons, the dance lessons, piano after school. Mom was teaching me to meditate.

This kid Elliot whom I work with in the dishroom had a dream involving me the night before last:

He and I were talking. We were surrounded by enveloping blackness of night. The sky was doubly dark with emptiness and rimmed full of brimstone fire; apocalyptic. I left the conversation by stating I had to “get back to work,”

I climbed in to some sort of egg-shaped vehicle. Inside it I was surrounded by mirrors. Using my hands on the mirrors, I began to orchestrate the energy of the sky, calling forth lightning, controlling the very atmosphere.

I asked if Elliot felt afraid of me or what I was doing. He said he didn’t feel I was doing anything evil or adding to the apocalyptic feel. It just overwhelmed him. He couldn’t handle the intensity of the power I had at my very fingertips.

I had to get to work. Not a job. Real, True, Work.

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They’re watching.

aye-rise up, angry, about to delete my facebook. railing against the tracking devices that mark such beast

Have you heard of the VeriChip? Ah yes, now renamed and marketed as “PositiveID.” It’s essentially a barcode implanted into the human hand or arm. A tracking device. It can be used to pay like a credit card. It can contain medical information, et cetera. According to the press releases, the owner of the chip chooses what information goes on there. After being directly linked to cancer and the company began implanting unwitting Alzheimer’s patients with them, they renamed the product “PositiveID.” The company insists the product is only to assist folks in being protected against identity theft. It provides an easy way to make purchases and prepares folks for medical emergencies. Of course it’s not about reducing human beings to sixteen digits and tracking everything from their whereabouts to their purchases to their heartrates to what they consume to how many steps they take in an hour.

How convenient, to consolidate all of the information that is being recorded anyway into a single handy database. At least 300 individuals in the United States have this terrifying device implanted beneath the skin. Lurking.

The rest of us have cell phones.

Verizon? Veri chip? Veri-z-On. Veri chip, activated.

I always feel a little bit funny when my phone is in my pocket and I rarely stop being aware that it is there.

How convenient is it that we’ve all got credit cards now? And that our health care system essentially requires insurance for treatment. Every purchase we make is not only tallied for stocking purposes – it is linked to the name and numbers assigned to whomever has the credit card. Every time we get sick, that information is processed. Stored. Used. (against us)

Is it a coincidence that every food on the shelves contains some sort of chemical or neurotoxin? That even fresh organic produce has a nice waxy sheen made of corn layering its otherwise-nourishing fruit? Corn, after all, is mutant. A crossbreed from the beginning. A freak. Hearty and mysterious, humans have altered its DNA beyond recognition in order to mass produce sustenance for a zombie overpopulous.

Why is fluoride in our water? Studies prove it doesn’t reduce cavities. In fact, they’ve hinted at the exact opposite: that fluoride weakens the internal structure of our teeth, in addition to suppressing immune systems, lowering IQs, and causing birth defects and miscarriages.

Why is chlorine in out water? It’s claimed to kill certain bacteria that will make us sick. But it also kills the bacteria in our stomachs that our bodies depend on to function healthily.

Why is MSG still in a vast quantity of processed foods and still used in restaurants? Why is it being mislabeled as “natural flavors,” “seasonings,” “hydrolyzed vegetable protein?”

The supermarkets are not home to variety. Walk in the door and you see before you a field of corn and soy, ridden with pesticides and chemicals and themselves genetically modified. We aren’t eating foods. We are eating oil. With gusto.

And not just oil, but also aspartame. Saccharin. Dextrose. Maltrose. High fructose corn syrup. Sodium laurete. Casein. Maltodextrin. What the fuck am I putting in to my body? And why is it that so many people don’t realize that these are words to denote chemical substances, not foods.

Sisters and brothers, know that what you ingest is what you outspress. The acne you have? The eczema? Headaches? PMS? Arthritis? Poor memory? Insomnia? Fibromyalgia? Cancer? Fatigue? Attention Deficit Disorder? Depression? These are a result of the toxins you are ingesting. When you eat oil, you spew oil. Your body is smarter than you are. It is smarter than these “foods.” Your body is amazing, and when it is being slowly and continually poisoned, it tries to fight. But it can only do so much, and it attempts to manifest its woes in smaller symptoms that you can handle before turning into a tumor or some other debilitating, life-threatening condition.

Interesting that the FDA has been reluctant to mark MSG on food packaging. Ever noticed how corporations get the full freedoms that individual citizens have (freedom to lie and mislead, freedom of privacy) – without any of the repercussions for negative action? If a corporation makes thousands ill, if it tricks them into harming and eventually killing themselves, no trial is held for the corporation. The corporation does not get thrown into jail with a life sentence. On the contrary, the corporation continues to profit and grow and take over other corporations while propagating the despicable business methods, built from taking advantage of people and straight up massacring them.

Why doesn’t the government do something? Isn’t this country for the people, by the people, all that jazz? The government is no longer separable from the economy. For every politician there are six lobbyists paying hir off. And frankly, it’s not profitable for folks to live past age sixty-five. It’s not really profitable to have anyone alive if they’re just going to be retired. At that point they’re only a tax liability. The only folks of value in this economy-society are the able-bodied drones. People who are for money. People who can follow orders and consume coffee and prescription drugs to help them operate within the bounds that have been established.

Every wonder why you suffer? Why it is hard sometimes to get up in the mornings? Why you’ve had migraines for years? Do you ever ask yourself why you need that latte or that joint or that cigarette? Existing in this economy-toxicity-society is counter to our very nature. It contrasts who we are. We therefore exhibit symptoms that are produced from trying to conform. And we engage in addictions and activities to assist us in existing in ways we were never meant to exist. Ways counter to our very nature.

It is not a mistake that you have anxiety, or an eating disorder, or alcoholism. It is not the fault of your own weakness. It is the result of messages and structures that you have internalized since you were born. Actually, it’s rather a miracle if you are able to express yourself creatively in any manner. It’s a miracle if you are able to feel from the depths of your soul and breathe life into what surrounds you.

It is a miracle that you still survive amidst all the perfumes and supplements and plastics and paints.

Is it a miracle? Or is it proof of what’s truly stronger? The choice to resist is real. The ability to resist resides within you.

Your essence cannot be tamed or poisoned – they can only turn up the noise to try and drown it out. Find the strength to turn your own volume up and theirs down. If you’re going to have a facebook, use it wisely. Realize that all of the information you include on there can be and is tracked by people and forces you’ll never tangibly see. Be aware that repercussions for such information exist. But if you’re going to connect with people, inform them! If you’re going to use a credit card, vote with what you buy. Do you want to vote for “partially hydrogenated vegetable oils” and “sucrose”? I want my money to say that I am not a machine and I don’t live off of oil. I am a human being, who lives off fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, and legumes – not GMOs from a box.

But what silliness is this eternal orchestration? Surely it is worth much a laugh.

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