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Quilt of Qi




tis electric

(thought it like waves of Heat drifting off a pavement in high summer,


then like patterns on a river surface, webbed and solar – spontaneously unstoppable  ”

or cross-hatching strings,

the invisible kind,

the kind that trick the eye.


It’s like electricity, and it fills a room

(heat from a grill)

calm fruit.


But last time,

I saw little spirals (fingerprints) growing there within the static

her come

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As You Go

whin u show me ur softness

myne wets from within

stars and moon,

pencil & sawdust;




These forbidden treats on treatment

a bomb of speed n soft unfolding.

Gorge-ous twixt

to sweetly rancor,

swine, swaddle,

paddle, and


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Two lovers hide in the evening, in the twilight, in the invisible with the birds, with roses, they fascinate one another in the shadow with their hearts that speak through their eyes, they murmur, they whisper, and during all this time,

sweeping orbits of stars fill up infinity.

– Victor Hugo, Les Miserables (Book 8: Enchantments and Desolations)

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small berries

The stillness made from waves of emotion,

the remembrance of who I were

bagged by placenta

mesmerized in a comfort of bleeding heart

and all the joys n sorrows of a woman we’d never

forget to love.



This baby began in Fluid

bathing in Blood.

This baby did cry,


after enduring such unbearable pain of separation

from the Holy Rhythm she come to depend on

Get smacked and cold,

trading familiarity of breath for metal

(essence 4


bottom breasts for paper,

strapped to a strangers face,

his gloved hands even covered in skin

made to be False.


These lights don’t fool a child

, child no fool.


My Mother

was Strong woman. in nine month exact,

she placed her hands below her navel.

She’d stretched and allowed,

made room for this growth.

She’d felt and she moved as she worked by sunlight

laid by moonlight

n’absorbed AlLight.


with fluid dripping down,

a path to follow root

she walked slow n tall out in the even-ing.


Blood and God

comp any nough.


Bearing down and squatting up,

taking hold of tree and leaf for coverage

My Mother saw blackness in her prepare

her fire hand outstretched,

water bursting to join it

making boil

in this moment

so well

for Letting.


an with the sky for cover,

red earth drinking its tone in body;

the sickness draining out in pain

electric shock wasting someone feeble

My mother Yelled like no one could perceive

a howling far beyond wind

and caught in twinkling horizon.


She sang  .


never blinked but to save room.

To her palms bled another body as hers doubled

and this child cried

but her Mother

kissed unspeakable depths off the lids of her eyes

and gave strokes to precious stones, her cheeks,

like subtle Does. In a way not even aware of itself.

2 hearts ne’er disconnected.


They rested from the toils

the earth beneath some warm cradle


n at next dawn,

all the bushes that encompassed

grew taller and more flourished

for the Terrible Triumph

had taken place unto this midst.


We Celebrated


as we shall under the next ceremony

a new kind of passing for all life,


Come to the Funeral.

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