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“Use your heart to love somebody. And if your heart is big enough, use it to love everybody.” Stevie Wonder

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Dip I Deeper

Perhaps too soon to speak but


I m ready to give up what must be given up.

I am ready to make way for new birth.


I am ready to gaze into the dark places within iselves.


I feel the shift as massive movement towards the earth


a sinking further in.

bubbling recessive swamp,

twinkling flies and impossible sounds under speckling dank light





i feel a call back to the earth is why. is why.

i wish bathing under moon and

smelling flowers was simply blue, yellow,

rather than except within toil.



but yes, I’m here

to collect a world of fireflies,


intercollective hands in light


shine my teeth amidst the grass

in this lying field

baked soft, moist underneath and naked by the blade


pits of curls, spit and time byne eyes

crinkling D, toasting memory

enhancing ev’ry smell.




Just laying in this sun-in-field

summer’s after, noon, this starting farewell time.

in the end of our Laugh.

breath-filled throat, bliss-backed cups for iis

long lazing limbs grazing itchy life


the catching that is hold

of our mother’s ground:

eternal holding.


if we can do nothing else

we can lay upon her


and at evry turn

she there’s off’ring Breast.


rest, digest




toss aside all concern and


come and lay beside us

give up your pain and Allow


her hands to work your insides through


what more shall we discover together

in this play,

this fun,

this time of Ages

this journey. We see everything.



We see




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My Gurudev I offer these flowers of my faith at your feet
Whatever I have, you have given to me, and I dedicate it all to you.
I have no love, nor do I know you.
I don’t even have the strength to worship you,
But this mind of mine, this body of mine,
my every atom is dedicated to you.
You are the only one in my heart and my thoughts.
You are the one who I call out to.
Now Make me your instrument…all I am I offer to you.

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