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squeeze not

Burn the contract. Burn the darkness of the nights

burn te mistakes and IOUs

all repression, limitation,

burn it. Burn the feverfew things spoke to hurt and the way the pain was justified or not. Burn the questions. Let it be what it was and Love it. Burn asking what is real and know I’m only here. Burn the racism, burn the jealousy, burn the dilemma of misstep and youth. Burn the differences for the sake of Unification. Burn the woman I was when we were together. Burn the girl before then.

He always smelled of campfire to me

our passion smouldered and coalesced in universal sparks lighting night orange fleckling dance, spire r spread

burn the tears and the baptisms

the cold tension of abcess in the body

the pain that excruciated his mind and blazed out forehead and spiral hair

burn his wound.

Burn the sex that tormented either of us or any treatment of separation

burn every blaspheme

burn the obstacles to God and the speed of getting in between a voice of the heart and move of ankles.

Burn the towering respect so that equality can reign and both loves can equalize in harmonium

Burn everything that was not the hand of one child in another’s

cradle.    Breast

limp in strength and grip in solidarity

the weariness

the foreverness

[when will time allow for resolution? Along with revolution?]

burn the sandals long in sand over dune and mountain, caking sun

so that our 2 feet can plant green as we go

and sprouts shoot between the toes that lingered

with tongues

and genitals

and nails like shining glass at the bed of the sea


All that’s left there is the flame.

The fire I saw in the candle, chief pre-cession on a planting ground and phone call made later


the fire holds our electricity

it maintains motivation

electricity + motivation = elevation

revelation (u) absolution

flame make dance; show heart and lossa grip

flame tell of talks across miles and mishearings

flame’s got genius within worship vice-vers-us

ain’t no doubt orin confusion

flame’s a fusion

and forgetting, n great re-membrance.

A flame is a beautiful twisting. immeasured

seen in the steam rising from my teacup in the morning, snipping okra from the stem and vibrating deep into lonely nights where imagined arms crawl within and a pair of fingers presses gently on a chord to stop the flow

this is where i’m at.

The depth of dewing grass can’t hardly feel and waiting for the dream to say it’s cool, feel your eyes in their sockets, now.


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The spirit-child is an unwilling adventurer into chaos and sunlight, into the dreams of the living and the dead. Things that are not ready, not willing to be born or to become, things for which adequate preparations have not been made to sustain their momentous births, things that are not resolved, things bound up with failure and with fear of being, they all keep recurring, keep coming back, and in themselves partake of the spirit-child’s condition.They keep coming and going till their time is right. History itself fully demonstrates how things of the world partake of the condition of the spirit-child.

There are many who are of this condition and do not know it. There are many nations, civilisations, ideas, half0discoveries, revolutions, loves, art forms, experiments, and historical events that are of this condition and do not know it. There are many people too. They do not all have the marks of their recurrence. Often they seem normal. Often they are perceived of as new. Often they are serene with the familiarity of death’s embrace. They all carry strange gifts in their souls. They are all part-time dwellers in their own secret moonlight. They all yearn to make of themselves a beautiful sacrifice, a difficult sacrifice, to bring transformation, and to die shedding light within this life, setting the matter ready for their true beginnings to cry into being, scorched by the strange ecstasy of the will ascending to say yes to destiny and illumination.

I was a spirit-child rebelling against the spirits, wanting to live the earth’s life and contradictions. Ade wanted to leave, to become a spirit again, free in the captivity of freedom. I wanted the liberty of limitations, to have to find or create new roads from this one which is so hungry, this road of our refusal to be. I was not necessarily the stronger one; it may be easier to live with the earth’s boundaries than to be free in infinity.

Given the fact of the immortality of spirits, could these be the reason why I wanted to be born – these paradoxes of things, the eternal changes, the riddle of living while one is alive, the mystery of being, of births within births, death within births, births within dying, the challenge of giving birth to one’s true self, to one’s new spirit, till the conditions are right for the new immutable star within one’s universe to come into existence; the challenge to grow and learn and love, to master one’s self; the possibilities of a new pact with one’s spirit; the probability that no injustice lasts for ever, no true road is ever complete, that no way is ever definitive, no truth ever final, and that there are never really any beginnings or endings? It may be that, in the land of origins, when many of us were birds, even all these reasons had nothing to do with why I wanted to live.

Anything is possible, one way or another. There are many riddles amongst us that neither the living nor the dead can answer.



– Ben Okri, The Famished Road

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The Master has no mind of her own.
She works with the mind of the people.
She is good to people who are good.
She is also good to people who aren’t good.
This is true goodness.
She trusts people who are trustworthy.
She also trusts people who aren’t trustworthy.
This is true trust.
The Master’s mind is like space.
People don’t understand her.
They look to her and wait.
She treats them like her own children.

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There was something formless and perfect

before the universe was born.

It is serene. Empty.

Solitary. Unchanging.

Infinite. Eternally present.

It is the mother of the universe.

For lack of a better name,

I call it the Tao.

It flows through all things,

inside and outside, and returns

to the origin of all things.

The Tao is great.

The universe is great.

Earth is great.

Man is great.

These are the four great powers.

Man follows the earth.

Earth follows the universe.

The universe follows the Tao.

The Tao follows only itself.



Earth is Venus, Man is Mars

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42 Laws of Maat


1. I honor virtue

2. I benefit with gratitude

3. I am peaceful

4. I respect the property of others

5. I affirm that all life is sacred

6. I give offerings that are genuine

7. I live in truth

8. I regard all altars with respect

9. I speak with sincerity

10. I consume only my fair share

11. I offer words of good intent

12. I relate in peace

13. I honor animals with reverence

14. I can be trusted

15. I care for the earth

16. I keep my own council

17. I speak positively of others

18. I remain in balance with my emotions

19. I am trustful in my relationships

20. I hold purity in high esteem

21. I spread joy

22. I do the best I can

23. I communicate with compassion

24. I listen to opposing opinions

25. I create harmony

26. I invoke laughter

27. I am open to love in various forms

28. I am forgiving

29. I am kind

30. I act respectfully of others

31. I am accepting

32. I follow my inner guidance

33. I converse with awareness

34. I do good

35. I give blessings

36. I keep the waters pure

37. I speak with good intent

38. I praise the Goddess and the God

39. I am humble

40. I achieve with integrity

41. I advance through my own abilities

42. I embrace the All

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Y loved me like he loved me

so I could find Love withIn.

He showed me gentleness

and worship of life

and the power of continuous mindfulness.


he showed me what it felt like

to be inside myself

so i could find that feeling

on my own.


after he left            (we feel not free? to know what freedom feels like


he left

because we needed space         (ether. n her mysterious galaxiis)

to fill the tight places of fear


aligning the small self with the great self

and giving space, objectivity, greater sift divinity whenever 2 egalitaies seem irreconcilable

jah can always reconcile

sometimes it takes space    (all is breath)




and Inity,

is all I owe 2 anyone.




it is very simple.

thinking make it complicated.

a knowing stirs inside, what insperienced

and it was for good reason

at the same time my eyes shone clear they filled with fear

pluto’s knowing and destruction

tru eyes be innocence


love and flow in certain clarity

self-doubt not part of that

Humility as Rule.

things were exchanged

(n inchanged)


psychic wound a part

some blindness means some hardness

somewhere, a resistance to light.        (seek and ask to soften)

cure in love

and i’ve no right to judge anyone to be anything but a child of the sun

and to love them through their wounds

and make them know they are powerful when bright

(thru that love)

and give that love like thanks, for passing

stem 2 stem n flesh in-visible WEb

our spider, grammmama

there is no power like radiate (thumb 2 elbow] Self thru each U-nique form ‘pon Hearth

there is radical emphasis (embrace, welcome arms) in living yon dreams

wRight story, ultra-flexibility

and tender explosion of decomposure,

initiation 2 creation n ultimature nature

with ev’ry head crown by lighted halo


of peace n ownership,

response then generates call

this plane is dewy grass sprouting small dancing snakes and colored flowers under gold with copper tinge from sun and manifesting lashes to frame the eyes which contain Light

the power in collection

the grace in expansion

the Belly of the Earth.

pure trust to minus nervousness or any re-strict-tion

truly letting go

Letting God

Right as Rain… Reign

and talking rael language make i spread

buttr on bread



Food For All Gods Creatures

be them free or suffring

be them sleeping or woke

good food is good food

and rubbing place sore with care

where quiet balloons can piece

an puzzle rearrange vitruvian

mayke iis which hold Her all

and zion a light, shafting grass,

Birth, Out-door,




.                          eye see ur way 2 find mii way

{                         the way  }

selfless service of the Virgin

draw moths to flame

tiger tamed

this light beyond shame

my mirror’d gotten dusty

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Wolves I & II

someday my pain, someday my pain

will mark you

harness your blame, harness your blame

and walk through


with the wild wolves around you

in the morning, i’ll call you

send it farther on


solace my game, solace my game

it stars you

swing wide your crane, swing wide your crane

and run me through


and the story’s all over you

in the morning i’ll call you

can’t you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue


what might have been lost

what might have been lost

what might have been lost

what might have been lost

don’t bother me


someday my pain,

someday my pain


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My coworker makes this music.           huh

farm 2 plate

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