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Have mercy on a good man and help him we pray, Jah man

Have mercy on a good girl and help her we pray, Jah man

Man was made to suffer

and Women were made to feel the pain

Stand by our side and guide us we pray, Jah man

Give us all your blessing and help us we pray, Jah man

Time is running out but we need no one to cry nor shout

Change them who’s gone astray and show them the way, Jah man

Make this an everlasting example we pray, Jah man

Man was made to suffer

and Women was made to feel the pain.

Have mercy

– Mighty Diamonds

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Sister of Spirit

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Suddenly, all your history’s ablaze
Try to breathe, as the world disintegrates
Just like autumn leaves, we’re in for change
Holding tenderly to what remains
And all your memories, are as precious as gold
And all the honey, and the fire which you’ve stole
Have you running through all your red-cheeked days
Shaking loose these souls, from their sacred hiding space

Hold your heart courageously
As we walk into this dark place
Stand steadfast erect and see
That love is the province of the brave

Pushed under this expanse of bursting stars
Let this burning brightly illuminate the where we are
In this hollow that lovers’ voices occupy
Let it follow that we let it free, let it fly

Breaking open the walls of this cage
Intoxicated, Oh so amazed
Much like falcons tumbling from the heights at play
Conjoined, talons engaged

Hold these hearts courageously
As we walk into this dark place
Stand steadfast beside me and see
That Love is the province of the brave


– TV on the Radio

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You walked around, thought yourself beautiful
Just too bad they stared, just too bad they stared
Broke up your crown, called you unusuable
See how well you fared

Stole underground, to kick your heart around
Banished from above, banished from above
Forgot yourself, your home and shot your health
Left it all for love

And on their lips
Delirious quips
Last seen with friends wishing them well

Delayed, seduced, you listened for the truth
Just too bad they lied, just too bad they lied
O come around, in form of future youth
Summoned from the sky

Ono Omode..[repeating]

Refuse these cruel
Unusual fools
Leave them to rule
In hallowpoint Hell

You’ve much to do
Now listen to the truth
Cradled in a cry, cradled in a cry

Your light’ll shine
Fire undisputable
Keep your head on high
Keep your head on high

Oh walk around, know you are beautiful

Aimless and alive, broken and divine

O walk around, know you are future youth

Summoned to the sky.



– TV on the Radio

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Easy, easy,

my man and me;

we could rest and remain here,


We are tested and pained by

what’s beyond our bed;

we are blessed and sustained by

what is not said.


No one knows what is coming,

or who will harvest what we have sown,

or how I’ve been dulling and dumbing,

in the service of heart alone.


Or how I am worn to the bone by the river,

and in the river made of light,

I’m your little life-giver,

I will give my life.


… Joanna Newsom

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pressed on their conscience.

And they live their lives

on false pretense every day –

Each and Every Day.

These are the big fish

who always try to eat down the small fish.

They would do anything

to materialize their every wish.

But woe to the downpressors,

they’ll eat the bread of sorrow.

Woe to the downpressors,

they’ll eat the bread of sad tomorrow.

They’ll eat the bread of sorrow every day.

– Bob Marley



Is it any wonder,

that as I sit in our local “anarchist, revolutionary community-space worker-run cafe” and a man engages me in conversation

after talking for at least half an hour

a girl from the counter comes to find me in the back corner of the cafe. She asks “are you okay?”and hands me a piece of paper with a note on it from some customer who’d been eavesdropping. Later, another worker behind the counter informed me that a customer notified the workers at the counter that I might be ‘cornered’ into having a conversation I didn’t want to have.

Why were they wondering if I was okay? It’s obvious: I’m some defenseless innocent middle-class looking white young female who is having a conversation with an older black man who, by his dress, appears to be less than well-off.

Yes, ma’am, I am fine. This gentleman is respectful, inquisitive, genuine, and feels like talking. We are discussing worldly issues and opinions on politics, spirituality, and life experience. I think it’s fucking sad that you “anarchist, revolutionary” workers don’t see past the prejudices that keep us, as a human race, in bondage. Instead of seeing two human beings in conversation, you saw something bound up in race and class and weighted down by the dark magick of money.

We are all human beings. We are here on Earth to practice Being Human. One grace that might be saving in this sorry situation is this:

while the homeless eat from the “Welcome Table” separately, outside in the cold,

the “honorable givers” in their finery sitting at the high table next to stained glass peppered with altered and falsified images of Jesus

will never know Grace as long as they look down their long noses at others. They’ll be eating forever from food that cannot nourish

constantly pouring more dirt in an unquenchable pit of thirst

until the day realize the Human Purpose is to Love.

stripping others of their dignity and humanity is keeping all in bondage.

foolish, foolish wonder how they’ll come to realize their own suffering.

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I want to sing

to you, my love

My only love

and happiness

Don’t be so blue,

so blue, my love

Take off your shoes

Take off my dress

I want to sing

to you, my love

My only love

and happiness

Don’t be so blue

so blue, my love

This, too, shall pass

This, too, shall pass

But tell me, tell me what

have I done

to deserve you?

Must have done something

’cause that’s how

it works.

Must have been kind

to kittens and birds

in a previous life

Must have thought happy thoughts

happy thoughts

‘Cause there,

you were there, right beside me

and somehow inside me while

inside myself

Books on the shelf

Thoughts on the shelf

Hands to myself

I should definitely keep my hands to myself

’cause love

is a dangerous pastime.

Caught between madness and gladness

of flight

Nothing is wrong

and nothing is right

falling asleep

in your arms every night.

But love’s

such a strange situation

full of frustration and

anger and fear

Everything’s tears

Nobody hears

Nobody’s here and

Nobody hears


want to sing

to you, my love

My only love

and happiness.

Don’t be so blue,

so blue, my love

Take off your shoes –

Take off my dress

I want to sing

to you, my love

My only love and


Don’t be so blue,

so blue, my love

this too, shall pass.

This, too, shall pass.

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