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A sight:

“Teach the ignorant as much as you can; society is guilty in not providing education, and it must answer for the night it produces.” – but care for the known that some are unlearnable. Use respect in all cases.

“Justice has its anger, and the wrath of justice is an element of progress.”

“hatred of luxury is not an intelligent hatred. That would imply a hatred of the arts.”

“This me of the infinite is God.”

“Who knows how easily ambition disguises itself under the name of a calling, possibly in good faith and deceiving itself, in sanctimonious confusion.”

“men like advancement. A saint addicted to abnegation (renunciation) is a dangerous neighbor; he is very likely to infect you with an incurable poverty, a stiffening of the articulations necessary to advancement, and, in fact, more renunciation than you would like; and men flee from this contagious virtue. Hence the isolation of Monseigneur Bienvenu. We live in a sad society. Succeed – that is the advice which falls drop by drop from the overhanging corruption. In passing, we might say that success is a hideous thing. Its false similarity to merit deceives men. To the masses, success has almost the same appearance as supremacy. Success, that pretender to talent, has a dupe – history… Prosperity supposes capacity. Win in the lottery, and you are an able man.”

“The common herd is an old Narcissus, who adores himself and applauds the common.”

Do not fool yourself that because you can follow the rules of the civilization that you are doing good work. You are not. You are thwarting the work you were incarnated to do. Do not allow yourself or others to be judged based on how they can or cannot follow the rules. The same, do not judge yourself or others on how they can discover to be successful outside of/besides the rules. Think of human experience. Feel by human experience. Let a rain of reality wash over you and welcome it from the seasons and by the beds of rivers who wanted to deliver prosperity and life before we presumed we could control their flow. Hold not up civilizations like Maya and Egypt and Atlantis and call them not alien. Look to them as incarnations of our own possibility and question why we haven’t reached similar blessing

see how its all wrong and try to make it right.

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Les Mis et libra

An Upright Man,.

A man giving good

and with all the

best intentions.

His women servants behind

making possible

the beauty of hischange

his power

Making breakfast formendeavors.


Was I one these women/to task

taking care


“even when [the women] thought [M. Myriel] in danger, they understood – not his thought, but rather his nature, to the point of ceasing to watch over him. They entrusted him to God’s care. Besides…” the women knew that his death would mean theirs, too.

It’s a giving-over of life. My mistake is in withholding mine

still in not seeing one-love-heart, thought I know magickally and science-like ‘t must be word.

I didn’t understand

I trusted

until I felt I couldn’t trust anymore

because I saw things failing

and the good of mine original at crumble.

that made me scared

that i became wrapped in

the fear of failing overnover

despite trust

and i felt that development must be made

in mine


and understanding should be cultivated

that’s why leave

because by one we don’t always know

but in twogether the way can be found.

disberse control and keep the balance, let it not tilt on any side

because the tilt is the err

not the side.

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all these misguided girls


bleed us the way,

arms outstretched like children. grasping and pressing poor cupid away

pierce us with your arrows (bleed i)

remind us the wilderness within us

let us feel your crystal vibration

let us pick up our hearts and lay them on the ground. to feel any avalanche earthquake mudslide which may fall upon them

open us to pain. the real pain that equivocates real life joy

make us be lovers

teach me to be a lover.

my belly wants to moon

from holding some grey truth

silvery nights and ecstatic parent

my belly’s an embarrassment with its unused open space

neath these outstretched arms

that have been pushing and grasping away for a lifetime

teach myself to be a woman

who knows she’s ok.


make me still

and tell me, skymoonpluto what this soaking disease makes from

a blind self absorption

a willingness towards death and walking zombie

paired with such sweetness and mistrusted skill

raining inadequacy wrapped innervousness

how these demons kick

how to kick them demons   !

learning answer to some question about the nature of mineillness

CA n my heart plEASE O-h-pen     towards a rainbow colored velvet purple case key’i want us to rest

in the comfort crevice of the butterfly’s wings

meeting in space

in that space

that tummy space where we can call the moon in.

this is truth

hear me here

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