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“..The beloved is partly of the human world, partly of the animal kingdom, and things are not quite what they seem. In love the god becomes human, the wild one is tamed, the fierce one is the most gentle, the ugly one carries true beauty..

Travel beyond all the disguises and masks to risk the Nobility of True Beauty..

There is a sadness in deep love, a sadness at the center of joy because love, like birth and death, breaks open the heart, breaks open the dream of beauty to reveal some other beauty,

bigger and wilder and more precious than we knew. These love stories are not about ‘love at first sight’ or ‘happily ever after.’ They are layered tales of grief and patience, courage, strength, and transformation.”

– J. Ruth Gendler

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[words by Miriam Dyak, 2002 – discovered in this hour within We’Moon 2011]

Stop! Strike everything! No more words…

There is a fire in my blood, each cell a tiny house on fire –

something that has tasted God


Don’t talk to me! Don’t! Not when I’m so hungry

starving for the deep forest of your body

the way a storm hungers wildly for land

the way whales long for that hug

of thousand foot down ocean pressure

the way roots of just transplanted trees are crazy for home


Let me in! This is not about babies

not about houses or tea sets, not about your sweet bow or arrow

It is not even about the little gods of wheat and roads

and goes far beyond insurance, beyond stone temples


It is about the God that has landed in us

what I have bitten      what is now devouring me from the inside

You can’t even think of it directly

Imagine if all the birds in the world laned in this one wood

all of them at once

it would take the shape of a desire so vast the landscape itself

with everything on it would disappear into the earth

Just the cry would lift off like a rocket

Your bones your old shoes your new knowledge

all liquefied into sound

one touch and you’re turned to vibration

your geography changed and choiceless forever


It is too late for everything

but truth

finally on time

for love

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