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Our Grand Cross {Ete}




















You came.





















Bottom Drop.










































At the Trailer.





















Those days in Swannanoa.





















You left.


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“A purifying fireball of passion surrounds the embracing couple, welding them together. In the center of the couple, a crystalline Sri Yantra [see below], one of the most ancient tantric symbols, signifies the dynamic balance and inner penetration of opposites. Astral vortexes stream out from the lovers, alerting souls of a possible opportunity for incarnation. The couple is observed by the watchful eyes of birth and death. Infinite love bands flow through the cosmic superimposition of the two polar energy streams. The passion of Eros: it implies a kind of divine will for human surrender in love to create new life.”

– Alex Grey, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors




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Spontaneous Abandon

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Treat all as if they are Master Teachers

until they prove themselves otherwise.

Some wear sweatshirts and ask if the flounder is fishy

but the clarity in their gaze will give them away

if you Own to look it.


This practice

inside my physical body,

this gaining familiarity

with universal law

through my own skin,


and muscle.

The pain and exhilaration of tapas

building from the core,


and exploding out through limbs and past materiality

into asters.


whispering shadow n light.


My learning transmutes

and the stillness settles and grows.

it’s the transference

of physical discipline and flexibility

to action in r moral realm.


My body is so wide open

that the musculature must remain,


until it comes automatic


for I blow so strong and far in a breeze

i can hit ceiling and walls

and the crushing battalion of fleetingness

bearing futility.


Discipline’s my word;

holding chair till my face crumples

and bending deeper still.

Breathing into the pain

exhaling to release

and Loving More

when release is impossible.



loving more.

Getting high is the opposite:


into true nature and reality

the stillness which radicalizes,

makes jealous,

and frees the world from karma.

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Had the pleasure of meeting Jordan Kriston at the restaurant yesterday. She is one of the seven members of the traveling dance troupe Pilobolus.

Rapid transformation and overcoming of obstacles for the sake of art

for the sake of work

for it’s sake.


I bless such abundance of beauty

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Fire Agate


a stone of Courage, Protection, and Strength.

The stone of someone I used to know.



Creative Support.

Psychic Protection

Spiritual Advancement

The Balancing of Masculine-Feminine.

The stone that came to me after searching.

Through fire and the calling of a teacher

the flowing of prana

and kindness –

a ripened-fruit endowment

by her moon’s fullness.

And such clear blue

The stone containing eyes of the Lion of Judah   [[thanks good Druid friend]]

and the silken cascading of its mane

all molten

constant molting

melting external to essence

and glowing as embers

in the sweetness of dark.

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Sister of Spirit

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