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Happy Equinox itsmagick.

e-qui-nox [ee-kwuh-noks]

– noun

1. the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth and occurring about March 21 (vernal equinox or spring equinox) and September 22 (autumnal equinox).

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1. a tall, thistle-like composite plant, Cynara scolymus, having pinnately divided leaves and large discoid heads of bluish flowers. The numerous scalelike bracts and receptacle of the immature flower head are eaten as a vegetable. Native to the Mediterranean region.

2. the large, rounded, closed flower head itself.

3. Jerusalem Artichoke.

Also called Globe Artichoke (for defs. 1 and 2)

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