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Pantheism is the view that the Universe (Nature) and God are identical. Derived from ancient Greek “pan,” meaning “All,” and “theos,” meaning “God.” Literally, All is God.

Pantheists do not believe in a personal, anthropomorphic or creator God.

Examples of pantheistic schools of thought: Stoicism, Epicureanism, Neoplatonism, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Neopaganism.

Famous Pantheists: Hegel, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson (pictured above), Henry David Thoreau, D.H. Lawrence, Robinson Jeffers, Albert Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, Arnold Toynbee.

For some, pantheism redefines “God” to mean “existence” or “reality.”

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“In the frenzy of modern life we lose sight of the real value of humanity. People become the sum total of what they produce. Human beings act like machines whose function is to make money. This is absolutely wrong. The purpose of making money is the happiness of humankind, not the other way round. Humans are not for money, money is for humans. We need enough to live, so money is necessary, but we also need to realize that if there is too much attachment to wealth, it does not help at all… the wealthier one becomes, the more suffering one endures.”

– His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, in “How to Practice”

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“I feel like I’ve been fighting Bowser for fucking four years.

It’s time to save the damn princess already!”



His ways were appealing and I knew they’d overcome once I learned. I claim not to have learned, but this itchy skin’s finally finding seams. I want to further far far away with none but portable shelter, a sheaf, perhaps some flame, and a bowl to fill with compassion. Feed on none but compassion and knowledge, which when true is compassion anyway.

Wallowing here like a pig is not a choice. Resting eyelids – resting any body when not time isn’t a choice. The choice must only be to shed all that prevents me from knowing and behaving in truth. home isn’t here yet – it calls from that vast land on an appropriated map (perhaps. who knows home until it’s reached)

FUCK these CONFINES this bed does not SERVE

it does not SERVE to wake to an alarm and look at premediated prescription pages

it does not SERVE to strike any sort of balance

And I have the means this time around to renounce.

Today I cannot settle and the reigns shannot be drawn. Today is buzzing from inner-outs and needs in energy discover. Every day is this, this need to expand into Brahman conscious STRIKING past all chains and weird misfigurations! ILLUSION!


keeping secret all but my tent and the locks of my hair on dirt ground. Fire. Not going in the name of colonialism. Not going as a means to oppress but hoping to shed all these associations – to shed my very skin itself and every attached history and label, to shake out from this dried up husk!! EMERGED! There are no consequences to finding bliss! THE CONSEQUENCE IS ONLY IN REMAINING HERE, fighting Bowser until I die of bored tears. Remaining. Still. Stagnant. A waste of a rebirth and meaningless use of energy. Doing nothing but inserting trace minerals, toxins of sham or at the very best breaking relatively even. But not absorbing for others.

None of this can I say is for others, nay-

this is false. my practices and these learnings are. And they prepare me to travel forth if I am patient. I will dedicate the next 3 months, sure, to study and preparation and loss (which is gain).

And then I’ll go.

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Atma Vision

And the thing we have in common is awareness of the vision above, not merely as it applies to me, but as it applies to you and, too, all around us. Thank You for being receptive to the beauty within me and translating it by exercising your own.


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The Big Five: Current top overarching concerns of my life.

The stillness of this starless city as I'm walking home at night.

The stillness of this starless city as I'm walking home at night.

1 work.

– I hated to place this at number one, but seeing as I’m working 5-6 days a week, it’s difficult to avoid. My dreams at night are about work. I’ve been promoted to “Bartender,” which means I sling fresh juices, smoothies, espresso drinks, etc, for the whole approx. 93-seat restaurant. I gotta say, I do love steaming and foaming milk. I’m decent at the position but it doesn’t especially suit me. I’ve been struggling with unhappiness at work as of late. When I’m on bar, I don’t feel like socializing with customers or coworkers because I have so many tasks to complete and I’m still getting used to things. Other people just tend to get in the way. Today marks the first day I have off after 8 days straight of working; it’s no wonder I’m feeling burnt out. For the most part, I love my job and I feel blessed to be working at a place like Trident. But I cannot WAIT to sit down in a car with Melanie and drive 1900 miles after next week. And spend a couple of days with my mommy on the way!!

2 my own little life.

– Unsure what to title this piece of the Big Five. My first try was “isolation,” but it’s more than that. Truth, I have isolated myself from many of my friends over the past couple of months. This summer was a very social time for me, however it was social in that I attracted and gave attentions to new people, people I wasn’t necessarily planning to commit to in any way. This behavior seems to at last be waning a bit, but I am not returning to old and good friends. I am finding that these days, my energies like to be spent inside my own little life. Practicing, learning, caring for myself, and sort of reforming. The people I love have been gently moved towards the periphery. I struggle with this because I haven’t done it before. The people in my life have always played a major role and garnered much of my attentions. I don’t feel any less care towards them than usual, I just don’t need them omnipresent right now. I wonder how the changing of seasons affects these behaviors..

3 spirituality and self-healing.

– To go along with my little life and the elimination of social distraction, my interest in my own spirituality is prickling. I had a minor surgery a month ago and the incision has refused to heal. My body rebels against antibiotics. I decided recently, then, that I was just going to heal myself.

– Yona’s serenity and calmness in all of his calamity is fascinating and enviable. I will achieve it.

– Realizing how spiritual I am as a person, automatically. Living simply. Avoiding excess. Remembering the goal of long-term happiness. Reminding myself that I am safe. Having gratitude and cheer. Seeing (looking, knowing).

4 my body.

– Letting myself come back into it. Paying attention and giving, caring for it.

5 transitioning.

– Place to place and life to life.

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