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‘the sound of loneliness makes me happier’



in dark depths

swimming alone

trying to love it more

but no breath to catch


must drop the force and pick it up instead,

the refining practice.

get clear

Miss Nothing

misses him



And feel no worm;

just open dirt

some ravaged plane;

picked up and pulled by giant tears


these wounds bleed mud and toxic weeds

coloring neon

the Pain she feels is incredible


was divinely devoured prior

by a priest.


She’s got some potential

she’s got nothing

without light


last cycle started the off foot-

where’s my cycle now.

The one comfort

is knowing ‘t least

the wheel don’t stop turning.


Don’t leave me alone

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I am so tired of this

endless living samsara

with no bounds for choice escape.

There is no escape.

Some cling to an ascension, theories of light and perfection and glory

and life fluxuatingly flows on continuation

not necessarily is any light showing to conclude tunnel.

it smacks. of something like: well, all you can do is your best

i know, i know, but what of when i lose the strength courage will energy bounty

how do i remain in buddhadharma

or held in the cradle of god

making the choice to remain aware of the web has proven faulty

unspoken energies pronouncedly KICK me off it

some sort of daily practice, some discipline

nothing works

despite all knowledge otherwise full of grace



vomitears and hooves full of stone.

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“The ground submits to the sky and suffers whatever comes. Tell me, is the Earth worse for giving in like that?”

– Rumi

scraping the bottomest bottom

this shall pass.

to be swallowed up again fondly

by the intricate beauty of it all

[keep on, Virginia. keeponkeeponthiswillpasskeeponyou’reok . . ]

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