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Metu Neter

A depiction of the Mother Goddess. Thought to have been carved between 24,000-22,000 BC. Source of this image: http://andrewgough.co.uk/


Our mistake is an age of rebellion against the divine feminine. But the dark side of the moon

is the darkest light we know.

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Heard of Krishna?

You’ve probably heard of Krishna. The Hare Krishna movement came to the United States in the sixties. A whole bunch of North American folks, commonly derided as “hippies,” discovered Krishna as manifestation of the divine and became devotees. He’s become a well-known deity who has a lot of influence in guiding the spiritual life of many.

“Krishna” is sanskrit for “black.” The Lord Krishna is “the dark one,” as in having black skin. Krishna, according to Indian vedic (and pre-vedic) tradition is a manifestation of the Supreme Being. He is depicted as a prince playing flute; a herdsman; a partner to his loving consort Radha. The two of them together are worshipped as Radha Krishna.

When I type in “Krishna” to Google Images, this is what I get:

That’s supposed to be the divine duo, Krishna and Radha. But somethings seems amiss…

“Krishna” means “black.” As in, having black skin. Krishna is black. It is that straightforward. Why, then, does Krishna appear as either having white skin or BLUE skin in literally all the depictions I can find of him on Google Images? Even when I type in “black Krishna,” the best I come up with is ONE photo of a statue of Krishna with black skin attached to some convoluted story about how Krishna’s skin turned black in order to magnify the beauty of his parents’ fair skin. WHAT?

Come on, now. Krishna is black. It is pretty amazing to me that folks have actually changed his skin color to BLUE in order to avoid worshipping a black man. Krishna was most likely Dravidian: dark-skinned Indian.

All of this weird explanation has evolved around changing Krishna’s skin color to blue. I’ve read that he is blue because he’s harnessed the powers of water. I’ve read that he’s blue because he ate too many sweets. I’ve read that he’s blue to evoke imagery of the blue sky.

It looks to me like he’s blue because white people have been drawing his picture and they want the great Lord Krishna to appear, physically, like a white person. They couldn’t get around the fact that his very NAME meant “BLACK” – or even “blue-black” by some translations – so they turned him blue and gave him Aryan Indian features. Now every image you’ll easily find of Krishna neglects to convey the fact that this powerful, beautiful lord who embodies the essence of expressive divinity was a black man.

The Hindu Goddess Kali (meaning “The Black One”  – feminized) is also largely depicted with blue skin. Somehow, though, I expect because she’s a Goddess of Destruction, folks are more willing to admit her blackness. Awesome. The general perception evolves into: Kali; the Black Goddess of death, terror, and destruction.

Food for thought.

My thought is that it’s about time credit goes where credit’s due. Worship a Black man, Krishna, and celebrate his knowledge. Kali’s powers were bountiful and the destruction she presides over is not mere terror. Without destruction, there is no creation. That is the beautiful, encompassing power of our Black Mother Kali.

Change the falsified depictions of our divine heroes and the face of how we interpret humanity around us will change as well.

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The Question Is:       WHY?

WHY have we doomed our beloved human race with tyrannical op(DOWN)pression?


The first step: extricate yourself from the system entirely. Cleanse from media. REJECT having your life be determined by others/rules. Find the freedom of expansive consciousness, and all the beloved joy and benefits attending.

the love of the sun, transmitting information and spurring growth

and the bless of the moon, holding memory and acting receptor



This family of lineage,

these couple-thousand intellects who’ve held the seal of privilege for a countless age-

We’ll Bring them Down.

(most intellect don’t believe in God

but they fear us just the same)

The reign of the thumb will turn over


with shaken necks and clearbred eyes, we’ll hug brothers and sisters and know union is the only advancement.

it’s time to Make Love.



Free your Sex. don’t let it be degraded. Understand the game of hookup. Understand the mistakes of Feminism and find trHu-manism. Recognize sex as the keeper of total potential. Deep union and expansiveness

embrace spirits

decolonize the mind and let yourself be priceless    .

Save brothers and sisters with love.


two elements creating three makes perfect circle makes growth and

unlimited capacity




go to some healers

look into people’s eyes

feel the outside

gaze to the sky



Feel your life

and commit to being alive

rather than a slave. Drone. Worker bee


make yourself


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Princess of Swords

I The Magus

VIII Adjustment

XVIII The Moon

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