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This blog has thus far lacked introduction, which makes me slightly uneasy. Therefore, I’ve decided to craft one now.

[SCENE] Virginia sits alone on the brown velvet couch in the living room of her 3rd floor Cambridge, Massachusetts apartment. She wears an old tattered tie-dye shirt and loose-fitting genie-ish pants. The sounds of fall and traffic echo up from outside – things are crisp today. Her mouth tastes of rice and peanut curry and her body feels like soft melting pillows.

I am conflicted about beginning this blog. For one thing, I tend to consider myself somewhat of a neo-luddite. I fear growth in technology and observe the ways it changes humans with disdain. I dislike using and/or typing on computers. But alas, the overwhelming convenience of them tends to override most concerns. The rather false (in some ways) feeling of connectedness generated by the internet is like a drug.

Blogs are extremely self-indulgent. I feel that, even by entertaining the thought of starting a blog, I am revealing myself to be a privileged person who enjoys frivolous things and laughably believes her opinions are of note and her thoughts/writings/musings are worth reading. Someone with a blog must be living the good life. Someone with a blog is certainly self-involved and possibly self-absorbed.

I am living the good life. My current position in this world is desirable and highly enjoyable and I don’t kid myself about that. The things written on this blog will reflect these conditions and be relatable for others akin to me – others with an apartment in an urban area, a job, friends, enough extra cash to grab a drink after work, enough freedom and time to think and form opinions on things that people like us tend to form opinions on. Indubitably, I will be writing from my comfortable place on the socio-economic ladder. I will be writing as a young woman in the Boston area, et cetera. I hope to carry adequate consciousness about the conditions that inform my work, and I begin this blog with the understanding that blogging is so fucking bourgeois. And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that inherently. I just hope to remain a blogger who is aware of the many worldly reasons why I, personally, am able to start and maintain a blog. And yes, like so many other bloggers, I am self-involved. I feel that I wouldn’t be able to keep this blog without exhibiting that trait.

So here I am, on this couch, writing an introductory post. Currently in life I work full time at a diner-café-bookshop. I needed something to do on my days off. I needed a reason to write more and to write on guided topic. I needed a way to scrapbook my life. I needed an outlet for the words floating around in my head and clouding my vision as well as my interactions with people, which were becoming muted and muffled behind all the word noise. So here’s my repository, you’ve found it.

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