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Sphinx:        (above of Giza)

The body of a Lion. Breasts and head of a Woman. Masculine, Mercurial keeper of Secrets. Possesses wings in Greek tradition.


4 as foundational, 5 as extension.

Sophia Wisdom at the crown of a (4) regal, warrior body. Guardianship.

The importance of containment



a “sun God” is worship of the Self. Check below: solar energy binding at energetic center. Life-giving. Life Worship   !   and protection.


The problem with Western interpretation of Myth and spiritual philosophy

is an inability to think integratively. Lack of holism. We understand:

the free market works great to serve its purpose

but as long as its purpose is not to serve the benefit of All

it will Tumble.


These civi-lies-ations

when the ancients build yes,

to worship the Dead. as a hotbed of ever-living memory. A collect of stored ancient knowledge

passing evolution.

That’s true worship Life.


Publicly proclaim the beauty of death

and Loss     ,

for suffering makes Good Evolution.

n emptiness n BeTween



nothing cohesive,

just slather.

But I swear

i swear to you

our love was real.

The swinging comes

from this terrible fly

in howmany times it came questioned.


I am not ur consort

I could’ve been Queen.

ocean queen

in acceptance


and the deep waters of emotional reality


et gets derk dwn therr.

sware its like ‘nother world

complete unfamiliar


Thanks for holding my hand

and giving me the neon necessary

on this thinning membrane,

squeezing journey

(mving 2 nothing n still existing)

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