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The Question Is:       WHY?

WHY have we doomed our beloved human race with tyrannical op(DOWN)pression?


The first step: extricate yourself from the system entirely. Cleanse from media. REJECT having your life be determined by others/rules. Find the freedom of expansive consciousness, and all the beloved joy and benefits attending.

the love of the sun, transmitting information and spurring growth

and the bless of the moon, holding memory and acting receptor



This family of lineage,

these couple-thousand intellects who’ve held the seal of privilege for a countless age-

We’ll Bring them Down.

(most intellect don’t believe in God

but they fear us just the same)

The reign of the thumb will turn over


with shaken necks and clearbred eyes, we’ll hug brothers and sisters and know union is the only advancement.

it’s time to Make Love.



Free your Sex. don’t let it be degraded. Understand the game of hookup. Understand the mistakes of Feminism and find trHu-manism. Recognize sex as the keeper of total potential. Deep union and expansiveness

embrace spirits

decolonize the mind and let yourself be priceless    .

Save brothers and sisters with love.


two elements creating three makes perfect circle makes growth and

unlimited capacity




go to some healers

look into people’s eyes

feel the outside

gaze to the sky



Feel your life

and commit to being alive

rather than a slave. Drone. Worker bee


make yourself


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