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The Sweetest Orange

Things are right!

Because even though I sometimes sacrifice myself for small stuff, I have never made a large decision despite it feeling wrong. No! He was guided to me, at what seemed such an inopportune time –

but the time was exactly on for my heart to click open! And it’s not as if I made the choice to come here despite any better knowledge or feeling otherwise. I was led here by one of those indecipherable moments, much like the moment of our meeting. I was being pulled in both directions. It isn’t as though I knew one was more crucial than the other and I knowingly ignored that implication. I have never done that for something larger. I have made mistakes sometimes, yes, but never on such a scale. I would not be able to survive for such a missed call.

and despite what might be inferred, I am not here simply to appease the masses. Initially that wasn’t the intention and it holds. I am still working things out, and this location-atmosphere-environment is crucial to the development of my own life-theses. Heres! Surrounding opportune. And active takeage! Nothing is wrong. Stuff has been difficult, but nothing is wrong. If I’d sensed ultimate wrongness, it would have been patched. If it’d shown clear one decision would bear such sweet fruit and complete nourished my pathsoul, I’d have done it.

We shall never lament a changed course, for streams and creeks diverge as the branches of trees as the joints on the stem of lovely green. Only to observe what is going on, let it flow within you along with all the emotions it may stir as river mud,

and knowing we will see what weather brings. I wait, excited, with bated breath, knowing nothing of what is to come later today, this month, this year –

It struck me today that life may just continue. On and on and on and on. Just life. Breathing. Going. Unstoppable, unbreachable, unbreakable. I will age and wrinkle and dust and produce progeny and life. will just continue flowing. burning. blowing. decomposing. life.

Love I am sorry if ever i prevented you from being yourself

Love I am sorry if ever i tempted you from a place you knew you belonged

love i am sorry for the pain we’ve been washing in

love you. and your wei,

love On


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