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You walked around, thought yourself beautiful
Just too bad they stared, just too bad they stared
Broke up your crown, called you unusuable
See how well you fared

Stole underground, to kick your heart around
Banished from above, banished from above
Forgot yourself, your home and shot your health
Left it all for love

And on their lips
Delirious quips
Last seen with friends wishing them well

Delayed, seduced, you listened for the truth
Just too bad they lied, just too bad they lied
O come around, in form of future youth
Summoned from the sky

Ono Omode..[repeating]

Refuse these cruel
Unusual fools
Leave them to rule
In hallowpoint Hell

You’ve much to do
Now listen to the truth
Cradled in a cry, cradled in a cry

Your light’ll shine
Fire undisputable
Keep your head on high
Keep your head on high

Oh walk around, know you are beautiful

Aimless and alive, broken and divine

O walk around, know you are future youth

Summoned to the sky.



– TV on the Radio


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