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Here we are, lining up a long counter neath a ceiling of brushed metal

and naked charcoal forms towering pendulous breasts behind us

three big bare vulvas. true nudity? falsity? disease.

mostly-empty liquor bottles decorate the bar.

It’s weird how relatively-at-home I feel in this situation. I look around and count something like 12 heads of blonde. 2 here are older than thirty. and isn’t it interesting that the new staff for this opening cafe is composed of thin attractive females – floor managers and head chefs all male. I’m wondering when they’ll bring up the fact that my legs are covered hairy. No way am I shaving some seven months of hard working growth.

Already I am sensing the double-life I’ll have to lead. That I kept right in Boston, the sensible restaurant waitress with acceptable furs and cockle-shell smiling. Suppress, you dirty hippie! Down girl

but it’s like I choose and want this,

i see the monetary value of     [[[Town}

‘and I accept it, for such small tradeoff.

I’m cool with acting for cash. I’ve always loved filling roles, as long as I can melt back into myself for a good amount of my week beyond. I m cool with feeding people. Even if what they order is sure to kill them,

i’m all about the choice, afters. and no’m not going to play any withhold.’

I’m even cool with the pretense required for now.

the meat sits postulating on a plate,

all full of christmas colors gunk and waiting for a chew. broiled, brazen, bar-be-(Q)cued. spitting its rare juices onto white plaster and soaking towards a mashed potato bloom

creamy heavy and desirous.           tempting and bleeding       gums. pick them teeths!

I notice Gretchen. a woman with my favorite name and a plain suffocated body that might’ve held muscle once

she shines out past red shorts and some striped frock that covers her like it would be silk

it’s a poor piece her gentling mottle skin makes look expensive in terms of light.

I notice I like Gretchen. i like the small folds of her stripes and how her freckles caress it like it might be soft to wear.

—  she never planned to be a “professional server”  . in her late twenties or elsewise ever. Girl went to school for journalism,

got a double degree in fact.

I’m knowing now, I’ve got to take what might be lurking there. Finding what I like and going

not gonna be a professional server. And yeah, I’m going the yoga thing.

What a beautiful, natural, bursting the seams woman.

it’s cool, I’ll find that right direction whenwhatever and knowing taking breathing what comes.

[hey yona

i’m scared to write

but maybe you’ll look           ]

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