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“Being Real”

In the library,

I can feel the distress floating off the man next to me. small shaking waves of spiky green, yellow, red

he’s working on a paper. He’s carving his block

and deeply

each nervous tick fluttering off like woodchips as he hacks away at himself,

believing all the while it’s for good.

Perhaps convinced that civilizing his brain and actions into writing this thing,

pleasing his teachers

“working towards that degree”

is methodology for success.

If only I finish here

i might be happy one day.

I just have to get through this

then I can actually do what I want with my time.

You’re wrong, you know.

After this you’ll want things. And in order to get things you’ll have to keep carving the block.


Just follow the Tao, te ching tells

but how does the Tao connect with the false sphere, this illusion?

The only mistake you make is suppressing your own true desires.

Well, fuck.

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