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Recently came to the realization that I probably would’ve been considered a witch in times past. Witches were women interested in plants and spirituality outside the accepted (or required through persecution) norm. Women who embraced the earth – her gifts – and themselves as manifestations of the divine feminine. Extensions of the earth herself and collaborators in her journey.


Tonight’s witches brew:





black pepper



dandelion root


a hint of mint

and maybe some honey.


A basic blend to relieve some asthma and anxiety and keep my tapas flowing in a time of stress and hardship.


Interesting how Witches have been turned ugly and evil by the collective mass view. The reality of it is just some folks trying to keep it real and (literally) down-to-earth. Their remedies became mysterious because they were discovered through spiritual exploration and passed wisdom. I have heard that witches were users of plant substances for spiritual progression. They may have smoked marijuana or taken other hallucinogens for spiritual purposes. The main idea I want to address, though, is that witches were human beings like anyone else, not some abstract fairytale character full of wartyness and misplaced hairs.


These days I don’t get burned at the stake for being a witch. Just written off as a “hippie”/member of the “counterculture”/”stoner”/”social deviant”/insufferable “idealist.” I won’t get burned at the stake. But I will be thwarted, mischaracterized, and written off so that people can preserve the status quo.


Y’all don’t realize how change for the better requires drastic upheaval.

Birth is painful.

Death is equally as beautiful.

Turn over the compost and see what life lies underneath

notice how it brings us a little bit Closer.

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