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Please read this article.

It is not complete. As in, in order to understand many of the (primarily accurate) claims it makes one needs much historical-social-political background and to be generally aware of the actions and consequences of colonialism and the global economy. But, given that it’s a short piece, this article is excellent and informative on the true nature of what’s going on today in Haiti and the greater world. Put your preconceptions aside and just be open to what Edna Bonhomme, the author, is saying.

Some excerpts:

‘As author Linda Martín-Alcoff put it, “The practice of privileged persons speaking for or on behalf of less privileged persons has actually resulted (in many cases) increasing or reinforcing the oppression of the group spoken for.”‘

‘The United States and other imperial nations have been responsible for international structural violence. In Haiti and other countries in Latin America, global forces have pushed people from the countryside to urban areas and contributed to the formation and expansion of slums. Neoliberal policy has put basic food and services for sale in developing nations, while neglecting a green revolution.’

‘Rather than uphold the economic disparity that existed beforehand, everyone in Haiti should have access to education, food, health care and housing, irrespective of ethnic origin, color or caste. A responsible international community should stop rapacious multinational corporations from profiting from people’s desperation. Instead, Haiti needs a just system that addresses deforestation, energy and labor.’


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