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my falsehood was a louse

silent chigger in the skin

it gnawed on from the inside

and I gave that to you.

transmuting dis-ease

I sat there in forgetful silence

we choose what to forget


I pulled away your ground.


made fun of perfection

toppled trees like I was shedding clothes

for someone uncaring


How, this possibility? paradox obscene, serene

why this love tells me

I’m here , a broken azure egg

appearing next to death

and its quiet crashing waves


god revere the martyr

god humming ‘bove the body

deny its form and float in all


feel waves

prostrate to the fields

ants run on my skin as friends

like dogs,

your fingers showing them the way and mine just getting in the way.


it’s not about deserving

it could have been helped but it was not

i made waste and took for granted

while icing german chocolate Cake


favourite Leo

burning tall grass on surround

making water for its system with words of vapour

dripping 2 mi undeserving ears.


Die happy

surroundin recognition

the world speaks to your greatness

with a finger placed sole to your lips.


Lips who found I

Lips who made I again

Lips who live on to touch Lips in dampened hours

Lips can go wherever, I keep them contained next with Myne.


eternally forgivable.

and myself?


I will not forgive myself for treating you as static.

I will not forgive myself for taking you for granted.

I will not forgive myself for lying or keeping secrets.

I will not forgive myself for fleeing when you needed me.

I will not forgive myself for muddling truth.

I will not forgive myself for seeing your actions as if they were independent of the shadows I hung over our pair.

I will not forgive myself for making you less than You Are.

I will not forgive myself for tarnishing what could have been perfection.

I will not forgive myself for selfishness.

I will not forgive myself for changing my mind.

I will not forgive myself for laying a parasite at God’s doorstep

and interrupting children’s playing

with silent cancerous mass.

I will not forgive myself

for giving you dis-ease. Rumbling and roiling your within and veiling its source.

made a man change n poured toxins in my own wounds


purity is invincible

love is all

light is blinding and finds every nook

it fills, easily, as water does complete

but never obscures

only peels back

and banishes mold



If I loved you again, I’d love you well. If you could see the moon in my face and strength of stomach. If you felt the stillness and you trusted

I’d love you like you ought to Live

most High

Jah, I’d let you spin and tail and take your please

I’d even quell and sit my corner

or go out to dance on wine.

I’d take hits and recommence,

pouring ocean and walking to your chest for all return.

Saddle on, but wild horses

world speak 4 galactic Good

none but your surroundings mention all the greatness

you disseminate from Health


Weigh I known 2 let

time siphon dis blockage



and God will heal ur wounds by chance

paradox n paroxyms

uranus spitting fits

and at its core, the Sun

Kronos watching by eventuality




Moon conjunct Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus conjunct Midheaven, all trine Saturn (who’d entered 2nd house). Jupiter conjunct Neptune conjunct Chiron in the 7th house, trine Sun and sextile Pluto.

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